Killzone 3In arrivo la patch 1.09 per Killzone 3 

L'aggiornamento sarà disponibile dal 2 giugno

Guerrilla Games ha annunciato, tramite il forum ufficiale di Killzone 3, l'uscita della patch 1.09 per il gioco. L'aggiornamento sarà disponibile a partire dal 2 giugno e apporterà una sostanziosa serie di fix per problemi più o meno gravi, introducendo peraltro alcune funzionalità inedite (come ad esempio la maggiore libertà nella personalizzazione delle partite in multiplayer).
Ecco la lista completa dei contenuti della patch:

Added Colour blind support - When turned 'On' all enemy players and objects will be underlined. This is the case for the minimap and in-game, such as player names. Frozen Dam - Operations - The first mission in is now 6 minutes again Move - Fixed continuous rumble when the PlayStation Eye camera connected Move - When interacting with a Search & Destroy objective the player will no longer also do a melee Junkyard - Players can no longer get in an Exoskeleton while using a Jetpack Blood Gracht - Fixed a hang when the Recon ability was used Fixed a bug where the clan rating decreased after the clan had won a Warzone tournament game Fixed a hang on the joining screen after the player was kicked (or quit) a game Clans - Fixed an issue where all users received the error 2- (scores cannot be processed) when entering a Guerrilla Warfare match Fixed a crash when connecting to a custom Warzone game Fixed a hang when a player with DLC sets up a custom game to start on a DLC map, transfers the leadership to a non-DLC user and this new leader attempts to start the game Fixed a 10006 network error when joining a Guerrilla Warfare game
Fixed various collision issues on DLC maps Frozen Dam - Warzone - Fixed a spot where players could get stuck behind an ammo crate and an oil drum near the Dam tactical spawn point. Accepting a squad invite from the opposing faction will no longer quit the game. Corinth River - Botzone - Fixed an issue with Bots falling through the map Corinth River - Botzone - Fixed a crash in Botzone
Blood Gracht - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map MAWLR Graveyard - Operations - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map during the second objective that should only be accessible once the objective is completed. Salamun Market - Fixed a spot where, using an Exoskeleton, the player could escape the confines of the map Bilgarsk Boulevard - Fixed a spot where players can get out of the map Stahl Arms - Fixed ISA members accessing the Helghast base without being seen by turrets Players now get the XP they earned after getting kicked from a game
User Interface
Expanded the information about the Multiplayer status of a friend in the XMB. It will now show the game mode and the map that the player is in. In some cases players would still experience Scoreboard flickering. This has been fixed Silent Footsteps icon is now properly visible in game Fixed an issue with Clan Leaderboards after switching clans Small Localization fixes Updates to loading screens Clan Tag now updates properly after disbanding a clan Campaign - Elite emblem now updates properly Fixed a network error when downloading DLC via the main menu 'Downloadable Content' option
Fixed various graphical glitches on DLC maps Fixed an issue with the Search and Retrieve object for the Marksman when cloaked Retro Pack - Fixed an issue with the minimap Stahl Arms - Fixed an animation problem for players standing on top of the mechanical welding arm. They moved unrealistically when observed by other players