PlayStation NetworkAggiornamento al PlayStation Store del 21 dicembre 2011 

L'aggiornamento di Natale

Come si conviene ad un aggiornamento settimanale pre-natalizio, sono parecchi i contenuti aggiunti questa volta sul PlayStation Network.

Si segnala in particolare la presenza di ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD in versione digitale, così come Oddworlds: Stranger's Wrath e la Full Season di Jurassic Park: The Game. Per il resto tanti contenuti aggiuntivi per titoli come Batman: Arkham City o Saints Row The Third e LittleBigPlanet, tanto per fare degli esempi e la demo di The King of Fighters XIII. Ma diamo un'occhiata all'elenco completo dei contenuti.

PlayStation Network Nuovi Contenuti Giochi Completi (PS3) Ferrari Challenge Deluxe (€12.99) Rating: PEGI 3

File Size: 1502 MB

Jurassic Park: The Game - Full Season (€19.99) Rating: PEGI 16

E' stato rilasciato il 16/12/2011

File Size: 2240 MB

Ico & Shadow of The Colossus Classics (€29.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 8 GB

Ico Classics (€17.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 1759 MB

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (€12.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 3248 MB

Shadow of The Colossus Classics (€17.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 6160 MB

Sports Champions (€29.99) Rating: PEGI 12

MOVE Required

File Size: 12 GB

Supercar Challenge (€12.99) Rating: PEGI 3

File Size: 2953 MB

Trial & Unlock (PS3) Dungeon Defender (€9.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 1382 MB

Demo (PS3) The King Of Fighters Xiii Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 224 MB

PSone (PS3/PSP) Gex (€4.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 119 MB

Pandemonium (€4.99) Rating: PEGI 7

File Size: 81 MB

NeoGeo (PS3) World Heroes (€8.99) Rating: PEGI 12

File Size: 49 MB

minis (PS3/PSP) Orbit (€2.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Contenuti di gioco Aggiuntivi (PS3)

Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Online Map Pack (€9.99) Aircraft Skin Pack 2 (€5.99) Boost And Turn (€1.99) Compatibility Pack 6 (gratis) Enhanced Bombs+ (€1.99) F-14D Jolly Rogers (€2.99) F-15C 'White Dragon' (€2.99) F/A-18F 'Jolly Rogers' (€2.99) Quick Assault+ (€1.99) Skill Set 3 (€4.99)

Rating: PEGI 16

Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City - Arkham Bundle Pack (€14.99) Batman Arkham City - Arkham City Skins Pack (€4.99) Batman Arkham City - Batman Inc. Batsuit Skin (gratis) Batman Arkham City - Challenge Map Pack

Rating: PEGI 16

Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends

Costume Pack 2 (€0.99) Excel Stage Pack 1 (€2.99)

Rating: PEGI 12

EyePet & Friends - Christmas Pack (gratis) Rating: PEGI 3 Motorstorm Apocalypse - Festive Livery (gratis) Rating: PEGI 16 Need For Speed The Run - Signature Edition Booster Pack (€2.99) Rating: PEGI 16

Renegade Ops

Coldstrike Campaign (€4.49) Reinforcement Vehicle Pack (€2.49)

Rating: PEGI 16

Saints Row the Third - Warrior Pack (€2.49) Rating: PEGI 18 LBP 2 - The Electric Mayhem Costume Pack (€5.99)
(Include i seguenti contenuti, disponibili anche separatamente)
Animal Costume (€1.99) Floyd Pepper Costume (€1.99) Janice Costume (€1.99) Zoot Costume (€1.99)

Rating: PEGI 7

Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planewalkers 2012

Dark Heavens Foil (€0.99) Dark Heavens Unlock (€0.99) Forest's Fury Foil (€0.99) Forest's Fury Unlock (€0.99) Ghoulkeeper Foil (€0.99) Ghoulkeeper Unlock (€0.99) March To War Foil (€0.99) March To War Unlock (€0.99)

Rating: PEGI 7

Rock Band Network

Courage - Alien Ant Farm (€1.49) Cry Of An Eagle - Free Spirit (€1.49) Echo - Dance for the Dying (€0.79) Selkies: The Endless Obsession - Between the Buried and Me (€1.49) Show Me What You've Got - Powerman 5000 (€1.49)

Rating: PEGI 12

Rock Band 3

Experience Jimi Hendrix Pack 01 (€8.99)
(Include i seguenti contenuti, disponibili anche separatamente)
All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Angel - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Dolly Dagger - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Freedom - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Gypsy Eyes - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix (€1.49) Voodoo Child - Jimi Hendrix (Slight Return) (Live)

Rating: PEGI 12

Warhammer 40000: Space Marine

Alpha Legion Chapter Skin (€1.99) Blood Angels Chapter Skin (€1.99) Salamanders Chapter Skin (€1.99) Chaos Unleashed pack(€7.99)

Rating: PEGI 18

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Who Wants To Be A Music Millionaire? (€2.99)

Rating: PEGI 3

Temi Studio (PS3/PSP)


(PS3) Zerbamine Dynamic Theme by Erwin Koh (€2.99) (PSP) Zerbamine Theme by Erwin Koh (€0.99) Temi Dinamici (PS3)


Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD - Dynamic Theme (€1.99)


Earth View Theme (€2.99) Dynamic impressive beach theme (€1.99) Dynamic Sea Waves And Rocks Theme (€1.99)


Destination: Madagascar Paradise (€1.99) Liverpool Dynamic Theme (€2.49) Mayan Temple (€2.49) Dynamic holiday in Turkey theme four (€1.99) Dynamic Statue at Piazza Del Popolo Theme (€1.99)


Dynamic Horror Theme 3 (€1.99) Utherworlds: Aadyasha (€2.49) Utherworlds: Cohabitations (€2.49) Utherworlds: Reckoning Day (€2.49)


Dynamic Christmas Pinup Theme (€1.99) Utherworlds: Christmas Town (€2.49) Dynamic Christmas tree with snow theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas Background Theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas snow falling theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas Tree In Crystal Ball Theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas tree lights theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas tree theme two (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas winter scene theme (€1.99) Dynamic falling snow theme (€1.99) Dynamic New Year Confetti Theme (€1.99) Dynamic New Year Fireworks Theme (€1.99) Dynamic winter snow at Christmas theme (€1.99) Dynamic Christmas tree lights theme (€1.99)


Real Madrid Dynamic Theme (€2.49) Dynamic Swing Ride Theme (€1.99) Wallpaper (PS3) Armageddon Riders Merry Xmas (Gratis) Video (PS3) Access Episode 014 WWE '12 Launch Trailer Yakuza Dead Souls - Weapons Trailer Signature Edition Booster Pack Assassin's Creed® Revelations - Ps3 Trailer Assassin's Creed Revelations - Story Trailer Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning - Destiny And Fate Trailer Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning - Factions & Fae Trailer Renegade Ops Coldstrike Campaign Trailer Renegade Ops Reinforcement Vehicle Pack Trailer Motorstorm Rc Trailer