Periferiche PS3Gli aggiornamenti su PlayStation Network 

VidZone, Wolfenstein 3D, Gunstar Heroes, la demo di Overlord 2 e altro

Riassumiamo in questa news, come di consueto per quanto riguarda il giovedì, gli aggiornamenti effettuati sul catalogo scaricabile di PlayStation Network.

I contenuti nuovi sono numerosi, si distinguono in particolare il nuovo servizio VidZone, Wolfenstein 3D, Gunstar Heroes, la demo di Overlord 2 e i costumi per LittleBigPlanet ispirati a Ico.

Contenuti giocabili VidZone full application (free) Puzzle Quest Galactrix full game Wolfenstein 3D full game Gunstar Heroes full game Overlord 2 demo (free) Contenuti aggiuntivi Call of Duty: World At War map pack 2 Killzone 2 Flash & Thunder pack Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Wolverine Weapon-X Arena pack Saints Row 2 Unkut pack (free) Tom Clancy's HAWX Air Supremacy pack MotorStorm Pacific Rift Atlas Signature Livery pack (free) 4x Dynasty Warriors: Gundam missions (free) Video Battlefield 1943 Iwo Jima trailer Fat Princess Battle Royale trailer PAINalympics trailer LittleBigPlanet DLC Team Ico costume pack Ico costume Wander costume Yorda costume Colossus II costume Colossus III costume Guitar Hero World Tour DLC

European track pack 6 "Adrenalina" - Finley "Cadillac Solitario" - Loquillo y Trogloditas "The Bitter End" - Placebo Rock Band DLC

Iron Maiden pack "Aces High" (Live) "2 Minutes to Midnight" "The Trooper" "Wasted Years" "The Number of the Beast" "Run to the Hills" "Can I Play with Madness" "The Clairvoyant" "Powerslave" "Fear of the Dark" (Live) "Hallowed be Thy Name" (Live) "Iron Maiden" (Live) Contenuti PSP WipEout Pulse full game Ape Academy 2 full game Everybody's Golf full game Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow full game