ArchivioLe novità del PlayStation Store 

Le novità del PlayStation Store

Sony ha aggiornato i contenuti del PlayStation Store US ed europeo, a voi la lista delle novità scaricabili: PlayStation store US:

Giochi scaricabili:
Tori-Emaki ($1.99)
File size: 72.8 MB
ESRB Rated E
Blast Factor Bundle ($12.99)
File size: 325 MB
ESRB Rated E
Mesmerize: Trace ($1.99)
File size: 119 MB
ESRB Rated E

MotorStorm Double Track Pack ($2.99) Rock Band
“Last Train to Clarksville” - The Monkees ($1.99)
“All the Small Things” - Blink-182 ($1.99)
“Action” - Sweet ($1.99)
Demo (free)
Turok Demo
File size: 1.10 GB
ESRB Rated M

FIFA Street Demo

File size: 309 MB
ESRB Rated E

Game Videos
PixelJunk Monsters Trailer (free) Borderlands Debut Trailer (free) Dynasty Warriors 6 Trailer Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Trailer (free) Lost Planet Trailer (free) Syphon Filter: Combat Ops Trailer (free)

PS3 Theme
PAIN Ice Tea Theme (free) PAIN Ed T-Bone Theme (free) Tori-Emaki Theme (free) CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARE Theme (free) PlayStation Store EU: NBA 08 demo (free) FIFA Street demo (free) Guitar Hero III "Warner track pack" (€5.99) Die Fantastischen Vier's "Ernten Was Wir Saen" (€1.99) Extremoduro's "So Payaso" (€1.99) Trust's "Antisocial" (€1.99) Folklore "Visions of the Tower" add-on pack (€1.99) Gran Turismo 5 Prologue trailer (free) Borderlands "debut" trailer (free) Brothers in Arms trailer (free) Cloverfield movie trailer (free)