Le tracce musicali di Crazy Taxi 3:  1

Le tracce musicali di Crazy Taxi 3:

Questa la lista delle canzoni che troverete nel pazzo gioco Sega:

West Coast Tracks

Special Delivery (The Offspring)
All I Want (The Offspring)
No Brakes (The Offspring)
Want You Bad (The Offspring)
Hear It (Bad Religion)
Inner Logic (Bad Religion)

Small Apple Tracks

Punk Rock Song (Bad Religion)
Empty Causes (Bad Religion)
Ten In 2010 (Bad Religion)
Who The Hell Cares (Methods of Mayhem)
Crash (Methods of Mayhem)

Glitter Oasis

Raw Power Angel (Silver Bullit)
Boom Boom Boogie (Silver Bullit)
King of the Line (Silver Bullit)
Hot Rod Girl (Brian Setzer '68 Come Back Special)
Ignition (Brian Setzer '68 Come Back Special)