Jet Set RadioA ritmo di Jet Set Radio Future! 

A ritmo di Jet Set Radio Future!

Recentemente è stato annunciato il cd audio contenente la magnifica colonna sonora di Jet Set Radio Future, in uscita il 20 Marzo in Giappone. Qui in basso vi riporto l'elenco degli splendidi brani (22).

The Concept of Love Fly Like a Butterfly Funky Dealer Shape Da Future Teknopathetic Oldies but Happies Like it Like this Like that I Love Love You (L.L.S.D. Mix) Baby-T Humming the Baseline (Deavid Soul Remix) Rock it on (Deavid Soul Remix) Sneakman (Toronto Mix) What About the Future Bokfresh Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix) That's Enough (B.B. Rights Mix) Sweet Soul Brother (B.B. Rights Mix) Grace & Glory (B.B.M.H. Mix) Jet Set Medley Future Jet Set Station #2 Jet Set Station #3 Jet Set Station #4