Sony svela un prototipo di PSP, prime immagini  0

NOTIZIA di La Redazione  —   05/11/2003

Sony svela un prototipo di PSP, prime immagini

All'annuale Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting, tenutosi ieri a New York, Ken Kutaragi ha presentato il design, studiato dal Sony Design Center, di un primo prototipo di PSP, la console portatile made in Sony. #I1,2# #I3# Il prototipo conserva inalterati tutti i comandi del classico Dual Shock PlayStation, e propone uno schermo LCD in formato 16/9 (risoluzione 480x272) dalla diagonale di ben 11 centimetri! Insomma, a dispetto delle foto, tanto piccola la console non è. Impressionanti le specifiche, invariate rispetto al primo annuncio fatto a Los Angeles:

MIPS R4000 32-bit core
128-bit bus
1-333MHz (1.2V)
8MB eDRAM main memory
2.6Gbps bus bandwidth
FPU, VFPU (2.6 billion flops)
3D graphics extended instructions
I Cache, D Cache

PSP Media Engine
MIPS R4000 32-bit core
128-bit bus
1-333MHz (1.2V)
2MB eDRAM submemory
I-Cache, D-Cache
90nm CMOS

PSP Graphics Core
1-166MHz (1.2V)
256-bit bus
5.3Gbps bus bandwidth
664 million pixels per second pizel fill rate
3D curved surface and 3D polygon engine
Support for compressed textures, hardware clipping, morphing, bone, tessellation, bezier, b-spline (NURBS)
Maximum of 33 million polygons per second 24-bit full color (RGBA)

Sound Core
VME (Virtual Mobile Engine)
Reconfigurable DSP
166MHz (1.2 V)
128-bit bus
5 giga operations per second
CODEC capabilities
3D sound, 7.1 channels
Synthesizer, effecter, and other abilities ATRAC3 plus, AAC, MP3 for audio

UMD (Universal Media Disc)
60mm-diameter disc
660nm laser diode
1.8GB capacity (dual-layered disc) 11Mbps transfer rate
AES crypto system
Unique disc ID
Shock proof
Regional code system
Parental lock system
Repeat ordering system

Other Specifications
16:9-format widescreen TFT LCD (480x272 pixels, 24-bit full color)
MPEG4 AVC decoder
Wireless LAN (802.11)
IrDA (Infrared Data Association)
USB 2.0
Memory Stick
AV in/out
Stereo headphone out
Lithium ion battery
Expansion port