Quanto costa giocare a PSO I e II? 0

NOTIZIA di La Redazione  —   03/10/2002

Quanto costa giocare a PSO I e II?

Nintendo of America ha annunciato ieri quali saranno i costi per gli utenti americani intenzionati a giocare a Phantasy Star Online I & II, in uscita il 19 Ottobre e primo gioco online in assoluto per GameCube. Il prezzo sarà di $ 8.95 al mese (circa 9 €). Per i più interessati, riportiamo qui in basso il comunicato ufficiale interamente in inglese:

SEGA(R) of America, Inc. today announced that "Phantasy Star(TM) Online Episode I & II," the company's 20th online game and the first online-enabled game for the Nintendo GameCube(TM), will feature exclusive downloadable quests as part of the game's online service package. The "Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II" service package will be available from SEGA for $8.95 per month beginning at the game's launch in the U.S. on October 29, 2002. "Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II" can be played offline with up to four players for free.

"Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II" online quests will include themed seasonal missions and will feature special items and secrets exclusive to online subscribers. Based on the wildly popular "Phantasy Star" universe, "Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II" features two complete games in one, allowing players to team up with up to three friends online via a dial-up or broadband connection, or enjoy a full offline experience, including a four-player split screen mode. Featuring a universal translation system, the game also lets online players seamlessly communicate while playing - no matter what language they speak.

"More than a half million people have already experienced 'Phantasy Star Online(TM)' on the SEGA Dreamcast(TM), and now we're excited that 'Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II' will be the first online game for the Nintendo GameCube," said Mike Fischer, vice president, entertainment marketing, SEGA of America, Inc. "SEGA has an untouchable reputation for innovation, and we continue to lead the gaming world by example, with this, our 20th online game."