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RECENSIONE di La Redazione  —   13/03/2003

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RPGPlayer: May you present us development group? From where come the idea to develop Resctriced Area?
Jan Beuck: Hi! My name is Jan Beuck, Managing Director of master creating, a game development studio located in Hamburg, Germany. The concept for Restricted Area was born in summer 1999 and written by Martin Jaessing (Tech Lead), Clemens Hell (Head of QA) and me. The inspiration came from various sources, from movies like "Bladerunner" and "Matrix", from games like "Deus Ex" and the Quake series and from pen-and-paper RPGs like "Shadowrun" and "Cyberpunk".

RPGPlayer: Restricted Area is an Action CRPG with real-time combat. So are you oriented to an immediate and fast gameplay?
Jan Beuck: Yes, the gameplay is very fast and action-packed.

RPGPlayer: There will be a multiplayer mode? If so, how many players can join a game? There will be servers to play in?
Jan Beuck: There will be a multiplayer mode, but details are not determinated yet.

RPGPlayer: The game is distinguish by four different and very defined characters; how did you guarantee different gameplay for each class?
Jan Beuck: For example Johnson, the ex-special force agent, can handle all kinds of heavy weapons while Takashi, the son of a Yakuza boss, can make use of futuristic japanese swords. Vicky can use PSI, a futuristic kind of magic, and Jessica, the computer expert, is guarded by a flying robot and the only character which can enter the cyberspace.
These are only the main points: The characters are different in nearly every point and each character has a wide range of very different skills, so they play extremly different.

RPGPlayer: A comparison to Diablo II is permitted and constructive: why a player should choose your game rather than the Blizzard's one?
Jan Beuck: Diablo 2 is a great game, but it´s really getting old. I still like to play it myself, but I guess like me most would like to play something new. On the other hand most action-RPGs released since Diablo 2 have not been much fun to play, so there´s a good reason to play Restricted Area. However, RA isn´t like Diablo 2 - for example the scenario is very different, the technology is totally new and the gameplay is (hopefully) even better.

RPGPlayer: Farther Restricted Area, which project you are working at?
Jan Beuck: None at the moment. We first developed IRIS, the engine behind Restricted Area, and now fully concentrate on this single game. We have ideas for other games, but one-at-a-time is important to us to ensure the highest possible quality.

RPGPlayer: It's scheduled that the game will be published in Italy too? How long developing will be now? Will be release a demo?
Jan Beuck: There´s no release date yet, but I guess it will be released in Q4 2003 in Italy. The concept of RA has been written in 1999, the engine has been developed since 2000 and we started with the game itself in March 2002. And yes, we will release a demo.

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