Viva Piñata - Trucchi

TRUCCO di Lello Sarti —   13/11/2006


Non ci sono trucchi per questa versione

Xbox 360

Challenger (20)Successfully completed 5 Factory requests.
Collector (20)Made 5 species resident.
Diggerling (20)Employ a Diggerling.
Garden Value (20)Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.
Garden Value Master (20)Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.
Gatherling (20)Employ a Gatherling.
Generosity (20)Turn the Beggar into a Trader.
Green Fingers (20)Grown 5 plants to maturity.
Harvester (20)Collect produce from a Buzzlegum, Moozipan or Goobaa.
Helper Name Caller (20)Named a Helper.
Label Designer (20)Made a Custom Label.
Land Owner (20)Increase the size of your garden once.
Longevity (20)Played the game for 10 hours (real time).
Master Challenger (20)Successfully completed 20 Factory requests.
Master Collector (20)Made 50 species resident.
Master Green Fingers (20)Grown 25 plants to maturity.
Master Land Owner (20)Get your garden to the maximum size.
Master Romancer (20)Become Master Romancer for 20 species.
Master Sour Tower (20)Get the Tower of Sour to have 6 pieces.
Master Talent (20)Player has reached Level 50.
Piñata Name Caller (20)Named a Piñata.
Piñata Value (20)One Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.
Piñata Value Master (20)One Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.
Romancer (20)Become Master Romancer for 5 species.
Shovel Strength (20)Get all of the Shovel Handle upgrades.
Sour Tower (20)Get the Tower of Sour to have 2 pieces.
Sprinkling (20)Employ a Sprinkling.
Super Shovel (20)Get all of the Shovel Head upgrades.
Taffly Fertilizer (20)Make a fertilizer with the Taffly.
Talent (20)Player has reached Level 10.
Variants (20)Make 5 variant Piñatas.
Watchling (20)Employ a Watchling.
Watering Can Do (20)Get all of the Watering Can upgrades.
Wealth Master (20)Player has 100,000 chocolate coins.
Wealthy (20)Player has 25,000 chocolate coins.
Weedling (20)Employ a Weedling.