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English version of the Gabor Feher's interview about latest Digital Reality game: Haegemonia - Legion of Irons.

APPROFONDIMENTO di La Redazione  —   19/11/2002


What are key factors of a game like Haegemonia? What are the features that could attract videogamers out there?
Well... there are several. First of all, the look of the game, then the story and the multiplayer of course. We tried to make a game, which is more than the usual "once-you-play-then-forget" products. And... it is not easy...

How the early project has evolved from the beginnig to the last result? Have you been forced by circumstances to exclude some features in final release?
The features were changing all the time - the game is about 80% of the early ideas we had. Lots of new features were added (even in the last minutes) and some of them fell out of course. But you cannot say, that the game became "weaker" from the features we left out: you must have a deadline after all, or the game will be outdated once it comes out!

Let's talk about the 3d engine. First, let me thank you to have brought to us such a wonderful work! How have you obtained these finest results?
It was not easy at all. And it is even more harder if you imagine, that the engine was developed by 1(!) full time programmer in 2 years. Usually there is a little team working of 4-5 programmers on such tasks for several years! Because of this, the graphics and the whole structure of the game was following strict rules to fit into the engine. The result is fairly good as you see...

Which have been the more difficult tasks to accomplish in the creation process of Haegemonia?
The balance of the game. We had to re-do the missions several times after seemingly small modifications. These came mostly from multiplayer or from testers, but my hair became greyer and greyer after each of these requests! In the last months I was constantly fighting against the "evil" AI, "who" had different ideas about tactic and strategy than me. And the testers produced situations I never thought possible...

Do you plan to release your 3D engine under license for other games in the future?
I personally do not think it is possible, but never say never. We are constantly improving it for our future products and maybe it will be sold someday under license.

What do you think about the growing number of high quality games coming from Europe, in some cases defining new gaming standards?
I am definitely happy about it! I like playing myself - especially with games, which need some "brain". I pull for anybody who is developing games, which is not an easy task at all! I hope there will be money and willingness in this sector to release quality games in the future.

Do you believe in aliens? In this case, how will be the first encounter with them, in your opinion?
I think it would be self-centered to imagine that we are the only ones in the universe! But I don't think that this encounter will happen in the near future - which is good, as we can write some games, books etc about it. However, I don't think that they will be "similar" to us in any way, so most of the sci-fi literature is walking on the wrong path imho.

Will you support Haegemonia after its release? Are you working on something in particular to do it?
Definitely. The team will work on another project, but we will stay together and support Haegemonia till the players need it. There will be an official address, but we can be accessed via our own homepage with ideas, comments, remarks etc. I have answered tons of E-mails myself and we've always strongly built on ideas of players in the past and will do in the future, too.