Svelato l'elenco dei Trofei di Until Dawn: Rush of Blood  13

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood arriva la prossima settimana

NOTIZIA di Davide Spotti —   03/10/2016

Tramite il sito PSN Profiles è stato svelato l'elenco completo dei Trofei presenti in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, titolo esclusivo per PlayStation VR in arrivo il 13 ottobre. Ve li riportiamo qui di seguito:


• Final treatment: Collect all trophies


• The nightmare ends: Finish the story on Psychotic
• Obsessive collector: Collect all the skittles


• Won armed: Complete a level using only one hand
• Unstoppable: Reach multiplier x8
• Secret spotter: Collect all the skittles in one level
• Psycho Cellblock killer: Finish 'Psycho Cellblock' on Insane
• Old school: Complete a level using only pistols
• Nightmare Descent killer: Finish 'Nightmare Descent' on Insane
• Moment of sanity: See all the 'Moment of sanity' sequences
• Mines of Death killer: Finish 'Mines of Death' on Insane
• Hotel Hell killer: Finish 'Hotel Hell' on Insane
• Haunted Lodge killer: Finish 'Haunted Lodge' on Insane
• Ghost Town killer: Finish 'Ghost Town' on Insane
• Final Inferno killer: Finish 'Final Inferno' on Insane
• Duck hunter: Shoot all the moving ducks in 'Haunted Lodge'
• Diagnosis complete: Finish the story on any difficulty
• Dead eye: Get > 80% accuracy on a level
• Blow your mind: Get 100 headshots


• Spitting lead: Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun
• Psycho Cellblock survivor: Finish 'Psycho Cellblock'
• On a roll: Reach multiplier x4
• Nowhere to hide: Hit three targets with one shot from the Revolver
• Nightmare Descent survivor: Finish 'Nightmare Descent'
• Mostly armless: Blast off 100 limbs
• Mines of Death survivor: Finish 'Mines of Death'
• Master arsenal: Have picked up all weapons
• I shoot therefore I am: Beat a previous set score on a level
• I bestow this fire-power: Pick up a new weapon
• Hotel Hell survivor: Finish 'Hotel Hell'
• Head trauma: Die from hitting head on a barrier
• Haunted Lodge survivor: Finish 'Haunted Lodge'
• Ghost Town survivor: Finish 'Ghost Town'
• Four barrel spray of death: Dual wield Shotguns
• For my next trick: Get killed by a sawblade
• Final Inferno survivor: Finish 'Final Inferno'
• Do you feel lucky?: Dual wield Revolvers
• Barrel of laughs: Kill 20 enemies with barrels
• Arachnophobia: Die from spider venom
• A storm of bullets: Dual wield Machine Pistols