ArmA III - Disponibile la patch 0.52

Un deciso passo in avanti per la alpha del nuovo shooter Bohemia

NOTIZIA di Mattia Armani   —   26/03/2013

Acquistabile, in sconto, in versione alpha, ArmA III mantiene un elevato flusso di vendite su Steam ed è già un successo per Bohemia.

Ma la strada da fare prima della versione finale, prevista per ottobre, è ancora lunga. La nuova patch compie un grosso passo in avanti sistemando il lag dei veicoli, diversi crash, le collisioni dei veicoli e migliorando le ombre. Vengono inoltre ribilanciati diversi aspetti ed eliminati svariati bug come il lancio delle granate sott'acqua.

*Showcase SCUBA: -More forgiving alarm threshold -Added more hints -Improved scenario endings -More rockets for the launcher added *Showcase Helicopters: -Performance optimizations -Few minor tweaks *Showcase Vehicles: -More forgiving alarm threshold -Few minor tweaks *MP: Escape from Stratis -Fixed: Mission success after resuming game -'Combat Get In' module added -Respawn time is now 30 seconds (was 120) -Improved mission endings -New task appears when both choppers on the airfield are destroyed -New mission ending "all boats and helicopters destroyed" -Warning hint pops up when the group leader is AI controlled -Patrolling Ka-60 Black now unloads troops when under fire -More enemies at the airfield -Some new map locations populated *MP: Headhunters -"Exfiltrate" task is now set as current after all targets are eliminated -The mission will now end when either all players are near the exfil marker or in a boat -'Combat Get In' module added -Possible respawn desync in multiplayer fixed *New scenario ending screen added *Task notification visuals improved *Seagull in "BIRD", "GROUP" and "SIDE" respawn replaced by a basic spectator camera *Scenarios-button now always available, even when there's no content *Added more entries into Field Manual *Compass and watch re-sized *Ka-60 minigun now rotates *Ka-60 doors and glass made correctly penetrable *MH-9 passengers can now see the tail *Helicopter weapons tweaked *Class names for Ifrits changed to be the correct ones *Alamut and MX SW now have correct icons in command menu *Countermeasures now stored in one magazine per vehicle *Correct Alpha Lite logo in splash screens added *Most windows in houses are now destructable *Static weapons should be more durable, shouldn't be targetable by guided missiles and shouldn't be flippable by user action when destroyed *Added more camoflage selections for vests and helmets *Red faction uniforms have proper class names *Changed priorities in action menu *TRG iron-sights remodeled after feedback *Collimator sights are now default primary on combined optics (Ctrl + RMB is the default switch) *Camera shake on 6.5mm ammunition removed *Server browser UI overlapping fixed in some places *Squad URL is no longer automatically upper-cased (and thus broken) *Editor loading took long when using MX rifles - fixed *Added freelook in vehicles via default option *Correct tracer colors have been distributed among factions *Fish should be less inclined to travel on land

*Shadow improvements implemented *Improved network performance (vehicles are no longer lagging as much) *Fixed several game crashes *Fixed synchronization of cargo poses in MP *Fixed various inventory-related bugs and crashes *Improved vehicle collisions *Grenades can no longer be thrown under water *Fixed airplane / helicopter camera shaking *Default and Development versions have different numbering to prevent incompatibilities in multiplayer