ArmA III - La patch 0.54 rappresenta un grosso passo in avanti 12

Tonnellate di fix e novità per grafica e gioco

NOTIZIA di Mattia Armani —   16/04/2013

Bohemia ha aggiornato ArmA III alla versione 0.54 introducendo un gran numero di fix relativi sia ai dati di gioco che al motore grafico.

Tra le modifiche più rilevanti troviamo un nuovo sistema di illuminazione per i cespugli, nuove texture più dettagliate per i terreni a media distanza, nuove animazioni e una nuova tecnologia per la generazione della nebbia.

-Added: improved public debug console
-New light rendering added for bushes
-More detailed middle distance terrain texture added
-Adjustable stances for sidearms added
-Sprint speed decreased
-Tweaked transitions from ragdoll
-Fixed transition from free fall into swimming and onto land
-New animations for swimming with rifles
-Rifle kneel sprinting fix
-Rifle raised idling for AI fix
-Pistol prone movement improvements
-Rifle & pistol evasive move fixes (disabled optics)
-Removed sway in prone adjust low
-Pistol self healing
-Improved pistol kneel sprint animation
-Improved connection prone to sprint
-Player could shoot a sidearm during the healing animation
-Transition from prone to upright sprint while unarmed caused visual sliding
-Priority of actions in action menu adjusted
-Stratis terrain and object placement tweaks
-New post-process effects for injuries added
-Fixed fuel gauges for MH-9 helicopter family
-MH-9 can now carry more soldiers
-Duplicate target icon in Ka60 Helmet-Mounted Display removed
-Ifrit cargo pose added
-Compass visualization changed
-New secondary shadow LODs (glasses, bandoleer, belt, rebreather)
-Camouflage selection tweaks
-Fixed: Sites are no longer placing patrol waypoints on water
-Civilian Sites were disabled
-Logo and tagline splash screens merged
-Main menu game and version indicator could overlap
-Added: Any mission with description.ext has now loading mission box with "Unknown" text
-Added: Unknown author is now displayed also for maps
-Fixed: Mission restart now resets reload counter
-Added: Loading "continue" save will no longer raise the reload counter
-Fixed: Mission failed had two debriefing screens
-Fixed: "Lose" ending no longer shows "Mission Completed" title
-Fixed: Error icon is no longer shown for logics
-Fixed incorrect topic selection after closing and reopening Field Manual
-Fixed: "Respawn" button is no longer enabled in missions with respawn "NONE", "BIRD" or with missing respawn settings
-Added: "respawnButton" parameter can now enable the button in respawn types which would normally disable it
-Geometry fixing (AI collisions with buildings tweaked)
-Config classes for weapons cleaned
-Fixed: (fish no longer only swim North)
-Fixed: (EBR sight alignment)
-Fixed: (spelling error)
-Fixed: (fire geometry - wall)

-New fog technology implemented
-Picture-in-Picture optimization implemented
-Terrain shadows tweaked
-Fixed: AI no longer fires on targets it does not see (but which are reported by other group members)
-Fixed: (MP rotation synchronization fixed)
-Fixed: (Speed of sound delays tweaked)
-Changes and fixes merged from Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead beta patches
-MP pose synchronization fixed
-Improved performance related to object instancing
-Fixed - AI disembarking when moving to another vehicle position incorrectly
-Game loading with "addAction" crash fixed
-PhysX collisions related crashes fixed
-Fixed: (out of memory crash)
-Fixed: Crash while taking RPG Alamut from ground
-Larger string buffer for the 'format' script command
-Fixed: Reloading different magazine type could do nothing but remove the magazine
-Destruction of vehicle while manipulating with objects in its inventory fixed
-Ambient creatures' position after game load fixed
-Fixed: remote destroyed wheels have now the right distance detection to the ground
-Fixed: healing sound effects were endlessly looped
-Ships are no longer automatically deleted after destruction (consistent with other vehicle types)
-Free fall inventory access fixed
-Magazine manipulation while discarding weapons tweaked
-Items' behavior while moving from dead body to container tweaked
-Helicopter behavior improved (rotor simulation now does not allow helicopter to fly up-side down)
-AI running up and down hill tweaked
-Command 'stance' now returns more consistent values: "PRONE", "CROUCH" and "STAND"
-Fixed: RMB to equip did not work for binoculars
-Fixed: Vehicle commander stepped optics zoom did not function correctly
-Fixed: artifacts on water near shore when looking from high distance
-Solved issues related to flickering optics

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