Minecraft premiato agli Indie Visibility Awards  15

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NOTIZIA di Giorgio Melani   —   12/12/2011

Non solo VGA in questi giorni: anche l'ambiente indie ha visto andare in scena alcune premiazioni illustri recentemente con gli "Indie Visibility Awards" di IndieGames.com.

Mattatore dell'evento è stato il solito Minecraft che si è portato a casa il riconoscimento di Indie Game of the Year nonché il premio nella categoria a quanto pare appositamente creata di "Best Minecraft". In ogni caso, sono tanti i titoli premiati, li riportiamo qua sotto nelle varie categorie. Notare peraltro alcune di queste verso il fondo dell'elenco, assolutamente fuori di testa.

IndieGames.com Strategy GOTY
Frozen Synapse - Mode7

IndieGames.com Platformer GOTY
Explodemon - Curve Studios

IndieGames.com Adventure GOTY
I Fought the Law and the Law One - ben304

IndieGames.com Arcade GOTY
Scoregasm - Charlie's Games

IndieGames.com RPG GOTY
Project Zomboid - Indie Stone

IndieGames.com GOTY
Minecraft - Mojang

Most at one with nature
Proteus from Twisted Tree

Vertex Dispenser by Michael Brough

Best Auralgasms
Eufloria by Omni Systems

Most Fun in the Toilet
Super Spike Dislike from Jayenkai

The Rob Fearon Award for having all the ideas and not leaving any for anyone else
Honeyslug for Frobisher Says

RockPaperShotgun best weird ambient rambling music thing
Proteus - TwistedTree

RockPaperShotgun best use of the Unreal engine
Waves - Squid In a Box

RockPaperShotgun best spaceship combat game
Stellar Impact

RockPaperShotgun best attempt to do what mainstream devs will not
Xenonauts- Goldhawk

RockPaperShotgun best co-operative experience
At a Distance - Terry Cavanagh

RockPaperShotgun best game of the year, best story, best doctors, best scene featuring a rabbit that makes you cry, and so on
To The Moon

RockPaperShotgun best use of a dead cat, 2011
Binding of Isaac - Edmund McMillen

Best Placeholder Art
Proteus - Twisted Tree

Best Glowing Lines
Frozen Synapse - Mode7

Loneliest Room
Kairo - Richard Perrin

Best Minecraft
Minecraft - Mojang

Nicest Man
Alex Tutty

Excellence in Character Design
Thomas Was Alone - Mike Bithell

The "Why the fuck is this free?" award for hating money
Stealth Bastard- Curve Studios

Notch's Game of the Year

"It hasn't been released yet, but the game that's inspired me the most in the last twelve months is Proteus by Ed Key and David Kanaga. It's a wonderful game about exploring and understanding. Not much is explained, and not much happens, but the style works amazingly well, and it's full of atmosphere and personality. It's affected how I do game design from now on. Using small tools to convey big messages that might not even be there is a wonderful thing."

Fonte: VG247